Is Christmas Cancelled?


A Christmas story by Kitty K (learn more)

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Early on one Christmas Eve

When Santa was getting ready to leave


Something happened that made him frown

A very heavy fog came down


“Oh no” he said “Oh dear! oh dear!

It’s gone and happened again this year


Oh no

And the weather report says heavy snows

What would I do without Rudolph’s nose?

We will all rely on his assistance

So we can see into the distance


For another year, with his nose so bright

Rudolph will guide the sleigh tonight”


The elves and pixies worked hard all day

Loading parcels onto the magic sleigh


The reindeer grazed on the nearby green

But Rudolph was nowhere to be seen


where's Rudolph


have you seen Rudolph


Found snoozing in a nearby stable

Poor Rudolph said “I'm just not able








Dasher!  Dancer! Please - go tell

The others that I am unwell”


All of the reindeer got such a fright

As they exclaimed “oh what a plight


Goodness Gracious



are we in trouble?

How will we know which way to go

If we can’t follow Rudolph’s glow?”


A meeting was held with much debate

And it was decided that they should not wait


They interrupted Santa’s cup of tea

To inform him most immediately


“Oh Santa you just must be told

That Rudolph has a frightful cold


Oh Santa I’m afraid it’s so

Rudolph it seems has lost his glow”

“He’s lost his glow? I don’t believe it

He absolutely must retrieve it”


But poor Rudolph could only weakly cough

His red nose blinking on and off


A vet was called for his inspection

And instantly gave the flu injection


But then pronounced “I do suspect

It’s far too late to have any affect”


“Have you tried a shot of Whiskey?”

“Oh no” said Santa – “Far too risky!



He could crash us straight into a cloud”





Rudolph said “I just need to sneeze

But my poor snout has started to freeze


If only I could have a good blow

I’m sure my nose would start to glow”


"Well" said Santa “I feel bad

It will make all children really sad


Parents they will moan and groan

But Christmas we just must postpone”


So Santa rang a TV station

To inform them of the situation

He then composed a sad email

To communicate this woeful tale



not good

And so there was a WORLD NEWSFLASH

To inform everyone – Santa’s sleigh could crash


“It’s far too dangerous tonight

Santa’s sleigh can’t fly without a light”


The snow was heavy, flakes swirled and twirled

As the sad news spread around the world


To cancel Christmas on Christmas eve

Terrible news – that was hard to believe


The whole world had a heavy heart

But one little girl was really smart


She crossed her fingers and her toes

Clever little Eva Rose


As her Daddy put her to bed

She smiled at him and then she said

 wishful thinking

“Wishful Thinking Wishful Thinking

Please let Rudolph’s nose stop blinking


 wishful thinking

 wishful thinking

Wishful Thinking Please Please Please

Let Rudolph have a great big SNEEZE”





Close by at the time was Fairy Nuff

Who heard it and thought this is Powerful Stuff


To carry a wish on a Fairy’s wings

Might just achieve incredible things


So briefly Fairy Nuff did appear

And whispered into Eva’s ear


She said “keep wishing on a star

And I will carry your wishes far"


She kept exactly to her word

And next thing many children heard


Carried on Fairy wings and a breeze

A chant to help poor Rudolph sneeze


I think it was at least a million

Who knows it could have been a billion


As they all looked up at the stars and the moon

All the children chanted in tune


 wishful thinking

“Wishful Thinking Wishful Thinking

 Please let Rudolph’s nose stop blinking

 wishful thinking

 wishful thinking

Wishful Thinking Please! Please! Please!

Let Rudolph have a great big sneeze”





All around the world children joined in

In the end it made an inCREDIBLE din


It was heard by Koalas in Sydney Zoo

By Tigers and Lions in Africa too


It woke a grizzly bear on a Canadian mountain

And startled the fish in the Trevi fountain


A little girl's wish - on a Fairy’s wings

Was truly achieving SPECTACULAR things


Like a hurricane the chant did roll

Making its way right to the North Pole


As it calmed down to a gentle breeze

It tickled Rudolph and made him sneeze


A sneeze that started in his toes

Rumbled through his body and escaped through his nose


So loud it gave him such a fright

And for a moment made the whole world bright


And that was when all children knew

That Rudolph’s nose had finally blew


Childrens' wishes had overruled

And Christmas day was rescheduled


Santa was filled with pure delight

As Rudolph’s nose shone twice as bright

He clambered up on top of the sleigh

And next thing you know he was on his way!!!


Happy Christmas Everyone!!


This story was written by new and upcoming children's author, Kitty K. Illustrations and animation are by graphic designer, Mick McCabe. Narration is by Paddy Kilgannon, Kitty K's lovely brother. To everyone involved - a big Christmas THANKYOU!


Expect lots more stories from Kitty K in the new year, with illustrations by Mick McCabe and Paul Pickersgill. Keep an eye on our work by following us on Facebook, or on the Kitty K website.


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Copyright © Kitty K and Mick McCabe 2014

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